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There are hundreds of talented people around New York City who pursue research in Natural Language Processing and related fields. At least once a month, the Proteus Project at New York University invites them for discussion of influential papers, feedback on work in progress, and/or general exchange of ideas. Our facilities and central location are ideal for hosting such meetings. No reservations necessary -- you can just show up.

If you'd like to present some new research (completed or in progress) at the Forum, please send an abstract to the Forum co-ordinator (melamed at cs dot nyu dot edu). We also welcome suggestions for papers to read or topics to discuss.

Mailing List:

The activities of the forum are announced on the NYCNLP mailing list. Anybody can sign on to the list at


For general directions to NYU, go to The nearest subway stops to the Institute are Bleecker Street on the 6 train, B-way/Lafayette on the F/S train, and 8th Street on the Q/W/N/R train. The Courant Institute is in Weaver Hall, 251 Mercer Street, on the SW corner of Mercer and W. 4th streets. It is building #46 on the map you can see here: Our meetings usually but not always take place in the 13th Floor Lounge. Once inside Weaver Hall, you can simply take the elevator to the 13th floor, to get to the Lounge.


Future meetings are announced on our mailing list (see above). For the most up-to-date information, you can browse the list's archives, but only after you sign up. Below is a partial list of our past activities.
Date Topic
March 2
Discriminative Sentence Compression with Conditional Random Fields
Tadashi Nomoto, National Institute of Japanese Literature, Tokyo
Details: time, place, abstract, etc.
February 23
Syntax-based Statistical Machine Translation
Qun Liu, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Details: time, place, abstract, etc.
February 2
Document mining using things and strings
Lyle Ungar, University of Pennsylvania
Details: time, place, abstract, etc.
January 2007
on vacation!
on hiatus for NIPS
November 10
A Computational Linguist on Wall Street
Christer Samuelsson, ChoiceMaker Inc.
Details: time, place, abstract, etc.
here are the slides
October 27
Crash Course on Character Encodings
Yusuke Shinyama, NYU
Details: time, place, abstract, etc.
here are the slides
September 15
Textual Entailment: Framework, Learning and Applications
Idan Szpektor, Bar Ilan University, Israel
Details: time, place, abstract, etc.
September 12
What did the totalitarian language in the former socialistic Czechoslovakia look like?
Věra Schmiedtová, Charles University, Prague
Details: time, place, abstract, etc.
on hiatus for AMTA
on hiatus for ACL/COLING
June 16
Language-independent methods for enriching monolingual corpora
Christian Biemann, University of Leipzig
Details: time, place, abstract, etc.
June 2
Advances in Descriminative Parsing
Joseph Turian, NYU
Details: time, place, abstract, etc.
June 2
Re-Ranking Algorithms for Name Tagging
Heng Ji, NYU
Details: time, place, abstract, etc.
April 14
Disambiguation of Rich Arabic Morphological Analyses
Nizar Habash, Columbia University
Details: time, place, abstract, etc.
March 31
The NYU Proteus Project
Ralph Grishman, Dan Melamed, Satoshi Sekine, New York University
Details: time, place, abstract, etc.
February 10
Tutorial on Machine Learning for Information Extraction
Heng Ji, New York University
Details: time, place, abstract, etc.
January 13
What we did last summer:
Report on the 2005 JHU workshop on
Statistical Machine Translation by Parsing
I. Dan Melamed, New York University
Details: time, place, abstract, etc.
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Here are some of the institutions whose researchers take part in our forum:

Research and Educational Institutions: City University of New York (CUNY) Graduate Center, City College of New York, Cold Springs Harbor Laboratory, Columbia University, Hofstra University, Hunter College, Monmouth University, Montclair State University, New Jersey Institute of Technology, New York University, Polytechnic University, Princeton University, Queens College, Rutgers University, State University of New York (SUNY) at New Paltz, Stony Brook University, Syracuse University, University at Albany, University at Buffalo, University of Pennsylvania, Villanova University

Companies: Alias-I,, AT&T, Avaya, Choicemaker,, ETS, GE, Goldman Sachs, Google, IBM, Inform Technologies, Lehman Brothers, Lucent/Bell Laboratories, Mnemonic, NEC, Pearson Knowledge Technologies, Renaissance Technologies, Semantic Data Systems, Siemens, Standard and Poor's, TextWise, Two Sigma Investments, Union Bank of Switzerland


For more information, please feel free to call Dan Melamed at 212-998-3003, or email melamed at cs dot nyu dot edu.