Sekine's Extended Named Entity Hierarchy

Satoshi Sekine (New York University)

Initial: February 27, 2003
Latest: October 5, 2010

The latest definition (version 7.0.0) in Japanese is released on March 23, 2007. Now 105 categories have attributes!!
Definition version 7.0.0 Japanese.
The latest definition (version 7.1.0 beta) in English is released on October 5, 2010!!
Definition version 7.1.0 beta English.

This is homepage for "Sekine's Extended Named Entity Hierarchy.

The Extended Named Entity Hierarchy is designed and developed to meet increasing needs for wider range of NE types. It originates from the first Named Entity set defined by MUC (Grishman et al., 1996), the Named Entity set developed by IREX (Sekine et al., 2000), and the Extended Named Entity hierarchy which contains approximately 150 NE types (Sekine et al., 2002). But now it extened again t 200 NE types.

The applications include Questions and Answering (Q&A) system that analyzes general texts such as newspaper articles, as well as Information Extraction (IE), Machine Translation (MT), Summarization and Information Retrieval (IR) systems that meet variety of NLP applications. We designe the Extended Named Entity Hierarchy, so that Q&A system or IE system assuming that information one wants know is basically in a form of noun phrase with specific names, time expression or numerical values.

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