Fifth Conference on
Applied Natural Language Processing

31 March - 3 April, 1997, Washington Marriott Hotel, Washington, D.C.

sponsored by the Association for Computational Linguistics

As the technology of natural language analysis and generation gradually matures, it is finding successful application to a growing range of tasks. This, the fifth ANLP conference, explores the latest work on such applications as information retrieval and extraction, machine translation, grammar checking, the generation of documentation, and spoken language interaction. The conference also examines recent work on basic technical issues such as parsing, lexicon development, and dialog management. The 3-day technical program is complemented by a set of four tutorials, a wide-ranging set of demonstrations of applications and research systems, and a workshop on lexical semantics.

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Additional information on the Association for Computational Linguistics can be obtained from their home page.


Local arrangements chair: John White, PRC,
Program chair: Ralph Grishman, New York University,