Multitree Viewer (MTV)

This viewer was originally designed to aid in the visualization of GenPar output, but can now be used independently of GenPar by anyone wishing to view multitrees (with or without PMTG stats).

License and Citation

This tool was developed by the Statistical Machine Translation by Parsing team during the John Hopkins Center for Language and Speech Processing (JHU CLSP) summer workshop 2005.

MTV is available under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2.0 or later.

If you use MTV in your research, we would appreciate the following citation in any resulting publications:
A. Burbank, M. Carpuat, S. Clark, M. Dreyer, P. Fox, D. Groves, K. Hall, M. Hearne, D. Melamed, Y. Shen, A. Way, B. Wellington, and D. Wu (2005) "Final Report of the 2005 Language Engineering Workshop on Statistical Machine Translation by Parsing", .

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Christo Kirov and Thomas Tornsey-Weir contributed to the development of MTV.