General Text Matcher (GTM)

written by:
Ryan Green
Joseph P. Turian
I. Dan Melamed
Luke Shen
Ali Argyle
Ben Wellington
Daniel Galron

The latest version of this software is version 1.4

To be notified of upgrades, please sign up for the GTM-announce mailing list via the web-form at It's moderated and very low-volume.


GTM measures the similarity between texts. To read more about using this software to automatically evaluate machine translation, please read Proteus technical report #03-005, Evaluation of Machine Translation and its Evaluation, available here. To learn more about our work, please visit the Proteus Project homepage.

GTM is written in Java, and is open source, released under the BSD license (available in the LICENSE file).

The Proteus Project is supported by grants and contracts from the National Science Foundation (NSF) and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), as well as by gifts from Sun Microsystems.


A simple applet demonstrating the core functionality of GTM is available at


All documentation is in the README file, which is also included in the distribution.


1.4 (January 2008)

The integrity of the following files can be verified by checking the message digests. The files are signed with Ali's key.

1.2: 1.1: 1.0: 0.3: 0.2: 0.1:


Questions? Comments? Suggestions?
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This is beta software and we welcome all feedback.
Please email feedback to Joseph Turian and I. Dan Melamed.
Our email addresses are [lastname] 'at' cs 'dot' nyu 'dot' edu

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