Geometric Mapping and Alignment (GMA)

by Ali Argyle, Luke Shen, Svetlana Stenchikova, and I. Dan Melamed

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The latest version of this software is version 2.1 Initial Release
If you want GMA-1.4, e.g. for backwards compatibility, look here.

GMA stands for Geometric Mapping and Alignment. The GMA software package implements the Smooth Injective Map Recognizer (SIMR) algorithm for mapping bitext correspondence and the Geometric Segment Alignment (GSA) post-processor for converting general bitext maps to monotonic segment alignments. To get the most from this software, you are encouraged to read the relevant publications, most of which are downloadable from and referenced at the end of the HOWTO file.


GMA 2.1 is released under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL), and its included non-warranty. If you download and/or use GMA, then you agree to the terms of this license.



Mailing Lists

If you are using GMA, then you probably want to sign up for one or both of the GMA mailing lists. Major bug fixes and upgrades will be announced on the very-low-volume
GMA-announce email list. For general discussion of GMA, you can subscribe to the unmoderated GMA list. (Un)subscription is done entirely through the web-based interface, so there's no need to ask us to sign you up.

Bug Reports, Feature Requests, etc.

To report a bug or suggest a new feature, please use the bugzilla server at Choose the Proteus Project and GMA component when asked. You will need to give your email address in order to get a password, but it is all automated and relatively painless.


Development of the GMA software was supported by an NSF CAREER Award, the DARPA TIDES program, and an equipment gift from Sun Microsystems.

In addition, many people have given us feedback on GMA. Some of them are probably missing from the following list. Sorry about that. However, an incomplete list is better than no list at all. In roughly chronological order, thanks to Pierre Isabelle, Michel Simard, George Foster, Elliott Macklovitch, Mitch Marcus, Lyle Ungar, Mark Lieberman, David Graff, Philip Resnik, Young-Suk Lee, Lynn Carlson, Jan Curin, Kevin Knight, Doug Oard, Ulrich Germann, David Sherohman, Jason Eisner, Mosleh Al-Adhaileh, Ruvan Weerasinghe, Kiyoshi Sudo, Rada Mihalcea.